Nephrology Consultation services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Merrimac


Merrimac Dialysis Center provide High Quality Free Dialysis to underprivileged kidney patients. we expect to bring positive changes in the day to day life of an increasing population of kidney patients. We strive to bring out a healthy community of kidney patients to let them have a productive and happy life. The state-of-the-art facilities offered at the center gives our patients totally stress-free dialysis sessions.

Nephrology Consultation

Nephrology consultation is recommended for patients who have or suspected of having the following conditions:

  •     Fluid and electrolyte disorders
  •     Kidney stones
  •     Acid-base disorders
  •     Tubulointerstitial diseases
  •     Glomerular diseases
  •     Mineral metabolism disturbances
  •     Acute and chronic renal failure
  •     Acute and chronic kidney disease
  •     End-stage renal disease and dialysis